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Catherine Lord, PhD
Professor of Human Development and Psychology

George Tarjan Distinguished Professor of Psychiatry at the Semel Institute of Neuroscience and Human Behavior

David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA

Our clinical team has just begun to use Floreo and have been impressed at how much the community vignettes engage them, give them practice and promote discussion of real issues in their lives. 

Rachelle Valenzuela

An absolute wonderful device that we are utilizing in our practice. Virtual reality intervention helping the expansion of social skills, eye contact, focus/attention, and so much more.

I have worked with many parents who’s main goal was to see their child have a friend group. Such an easy sounding goal, but not the easiest to do-

Floreo has developed a way to practice these social skills in an array of virtual settings ranging from the classroom, the airport, the cafeteria, and much more.

Kelly H.
Special Education Teacher

I have never had students so excited about learning before introducing them to Floreo. Now, my students can't wait to come to my class because of this awesome program. I can not thank Floreo enough for this terrific program. I even introduced this program to my nephews who are 3 and 7 years old and they loved it so much. It brought tears to my eyes just seeing how much excitement they had to continue their learning during their summer break. The younger one wanted to continue the program the very next day and was eager to get up and eat breakfast so he could finish the program. I absolutely love this program because it allows the kids to experience hands on different learning environments which really help the kids learn and generalize the information. The kids are also having so much fun while learning.

Anonymous Healthcare Provider

Floreo addresses a gap in skills that typically get missed for kids on the spectrum.

Rosine B.

With Floreo, our child learned various communication skills that are applicable not only to the school environment but also to extracurricular activities. The positive effects of Floreo on children and adults are beyond what it is intended for. Floreo should be taught as a mandatory class in schools. There is much research on the negative impact of social media use on children. Even though I disagree with that statement, I agree that children spend far less among themselves playing and storytelling. They can benefit from Floreo in building strong communication skills and confidence. I hope Floreo will be used in the future in public schools nationwide.

Jodie Mellos, M.Ed
ASD Specialist

One of my students sat for a 20-minute session of Floreo yesterday. When we were finished, I went to help him remove the headset and he reached up and pulled it back down. He wanted more! He likes the, "finding the animals," and "what animal made that sound.

Helen M.
Special Education Teacher

The learners I work with on the Floreo VR love using it and we have seen a great improvement in some of their everyday learning. Thank you so much and keep on doing what you do. This is an amazing tool.

Shirley W.

At Fitness for Health, the OT team has been excited to learn and try out Floreo VR lessons with approximately 40 users to help facilitate progress towards self-regulation of attention and emotions, sensory processing, and social communication/interaction skills within many common environments encountered by our client population. The 3-D virtual reality environment creates an engaging, spontaneous and real time application of skills. Preparing clients for the lessons and processing during and after the lessons offers a rich layer of dialog and helps expose strengths and challenges that might be missed through other modes of intervention. This is an exciting modality for treatment. Additionally, the Floreo support team has been friendly, attentive and quite helpful to problem solving through any glitches and questions that have come up. They are open to our feedback and they are continually working on adding relevant program content.

Bruce B.

I’m looking forward to diving into the social interaction lessons to see how he does. He caught on so fast it was amazing.

Jillian W.
BCBA, Director of Clinical Programming

We rolled out Floreo this past year at A Step Up Academy with 4 of our students and they thrived! Something we learned as a school this past year during our virtual and hybrid learning due to the Covid-19 Pandemic was that our students were not only motivated but thrived using technology as a learning tool. Being able to incorporate social skills and mindfulness lessons using Floreo truly helped our students engage and learn new skills. One of our favorite features is that the VR simulations allow peers to give direct feedback to our students, rather than giving that feedback as their teachers. Having peers be able to give feedback to our students helps them develop their perspective taking skills, as well as motivate them to self-regulate their behaviors based on their peer’s reactions! 

Another amazing part of Floreo is the support from the management and creation team. They were constantly checking in to see how things were going and offer their support. The fact that they were interested in what we would like to see created as new content of areas that could help our students grow was incredible! We are expanding our Floreo program this year to include access for 16 students due to the tremendous success we saw with our 4 students last year. We cannot wait to see what they unroll next! I highly recommend adding Floreo as part of your social skills and life skills programming!

Cheryl J.

It has truly helped my son understand abstract concepts I have tried to teach him in the past.

Kristen G.
Special Education Teacher

What I loved about the program was seeing how well our student was able to listen to the directions of the "people" inside the VR scenario as well as the peer models guiding her. This particular student struggles with focusing, and we often have to repeat directions several times before getting a response from her. But, in Floreo, she mostly did not need directions repeated, which proves how much better she can do when highly motivated and interested. 😊

Jade P.
Family Consultant

Floreo provides an on-trend way of learning for students on the spectrum. Through the VR system, my clients can work on social, daily living, community, and safety skills in a comfortable environment that we in turn can practice in the real world. Floreo captures components of learning that students on the spectrum lack and intrinsically teaches them problem solving skills that they may miss in a typical setting and or skills that may need polishing.Through in-home family consulting sessions and or sessions at our camp (Camp Connections) we thrive at making sure our families know the importance of this program. Floreo not only provides real time interactions, but it also allows time for students to receive vital feedback that aids in shaping behavior.What I also love about this program is that it's ever changing. Lessons are constantly being developed and rolled out based on user/performance feedback. Monthly check in sessions with the Floreo team provides me with time needed to share my thoughts and ideas for future lessons, tweaks, and or application development.Our team at Changing the Lives of Children with Autism are elated to be a part of the Floreo community!

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